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Check out our online courses for individuals or couples to help you elevate your marriage, parenting, and faith. How will you grow, together? 

FamilyLife Online Courses

FamilyLife’s Bob Lepine pulls us back from the Top 40, dreamy novels, and rom-com’s to dive into how God defines and displays true love in this course for couples or individuals.

Blending a family can be complicated! This encouraging course will help you build robust, resilient character in the unique mashup that is your family. 

This self-driven, online ministry certificate course prepares you to create, support, and sustain a thriving stepfamily ministry; address tough questions; and lead transformative experiences. You’ll be  equipped theologically and empowered practically to help stepfamilies flourish.

If you’re like most couples, you struggle to talk about finances. Financial advisor and author Russ Crosson will help you build a practical plan for mastering your finances in a way that honors God and helps your family thrive. 

How did sex get so complicated? Our hearts and souls are connected to our bodies, so sex grapples with aspects of your entire relationship. This course encourages you toward more satisfied, healing, creative sex from the soul and out. 

Researchers Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn know the ways money can divide marriage. They offer 10-minute principles to talk about money in you-can-do-this ways that pay off and bring you together.

Researchers Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn weigh in on principles to help you understand key values that may drive your spouse–and add foundational security to your relationship.

Weekend to Remember speakers Brian Goins and Dr. Ed Uszynski weigh in with bold, compelling biblical truth about God’s specific call to men… and ways we get it wrong.

This six-session video series comes with workbooks and a leader’s guide, offering techniques for a breathtaking marriage. The his-and-her workbooks catalyze conversation to support each unique marriage. Through reflection questions, weekly challenges, and devotionals, you’ll find techniques to steadily improve, inspire, and maybe even take your breath away.